Professional Staging Associate™ Designation

Science of Home Staging
After completion of the PSA™ Course, you will be able to successfully and confidentially Stage a home from start to finish.
Adds Credibility 
By obtaining an HSRA™ designation, like the PSA™, you are adding credibility to yourself in an unlicensed industry.
For Stagers by Stagers
Instructors have been working in the industry for many years and are still working in Staging companies today to provide fresh and relevant information.
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This Educational Course is for those wanting to focus on the Home Staging Fundamentals, Best Practice Staging Principles and How to Stage Occupied and Vacant Homes.

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Details About the Class:

  • Location - The PSA Course is a Hybrid Course Offered with HSRA™ This means, you will take the course online and also have the opportunity to get hands on training at the HSRA™ Headquarters in Dallas, TX.
  • Duration - PSA™ is a two day class. One day will be classroom style covering the PSA™ Manual online and the other day will be Staging an actual home for hands on experience. Typical Staging Days are between the hours of 9am-4pm and are limited to up to 10 students for more one on one instruction time.
  • Dates - Contact 972-733-3435 for further information. 
  • What to bring - Pen, Notepad, Camera and Comfortable Clothes for Staging Day
  • Investment - $1397 for Guests / $1197 for HSRA Members
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An annual renewal fee of $125 is assessed on the corresponding date of of receiving the certification and includes continuing education resources for ongoing business development.

Topics Covered:
  • Intro To Home Staging

  • Home Staging Key Concept & Principles
  • Understand The Target Buyer & The Home’s Style

  • Service Description & Success Steps
  • Staging Tips Room By Room

  • Home Staging Misconceptions, Overcoming Objections & Challenging Clients

  • Pictures And Testimonials For Future Business

  • Follow Up With The Team And Clients
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