Designations for Your Specialty 
Professional Staging Expert™
Interested in starting a
Home Staging Business?
The PSE™ class teaches both Home Staging principals and 
Home Staging Business principals. This is the designation 
for individuals wanting to launch their own Home Staging business. 
Professional Staging Associate™

Interesting in learning Home Staging Principals?
Learn how to confidently stage a home from start to finish by learning the foundation of Home Staging with the PSA™. This designation dives deep in the "how" to Home Stage.  
Professional Staging Consultant™
Looking to learn the marketing and sales side of Home Staging? 
The PSC™ class teaches the techniques and ways to convey the value of Home Staging so that clients view Home Staging as an investment and not a cost. 
Luxury Staging Specialist™
Looking for expand your clientele and expand your Luxury Staging Business? 
The LSS™class is a continuing education designation for seasoned Home Stagers looking to up their Luxury Home Staging division. 
Not ready for a designation?
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